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Our Work

Not just marble suppliers...

How we Work

Step 1: Block Selection

Our orders start with selecting the perfect block, either from our partner’s stockyards or directly from the quarry. Many years of experience and knowledge help us in the process of purchasing the raw material.
In this specific project we have selected a beautiful block of Calacatta Borghini marble, one of the most precious Italian marbles from our Apuan Alps.

Step 2: Slab Production

With the most careful attention and criteria, we decide whether to consolidate our blocks with a patented vacuum resin, penetrating all the natural imperfections that might eventually create problems.
After the blocks are sawn, the raw slabs are brought to our partner in Volargne (Verona). Our slabs are treated with the highest quality epoxy resin to achieve more brightness, penetration and strength. Then completed with the desired finishing, which include: polished, honed, flamed, brushed, sandblasted and other special finishings.
Available treatments include: Antibacterial and hydro repellent treatment.
In this case you can see some beautiful slabs of one of the most precious Italian marbles: Calacatta Borghini in polished finishing, the thickness is 2cm. These slabs would be ideal for the production of a marble pavement, marble stairs, marble bathroom cladding, marble kitchen countertop, bespoke marble wall feature, or even a marble coffee table or a marble dinner table.

Step 3: Cut to size and Special works

When requested, we can supply also cut to size tiles for your projects.
In this case we were asked to produce maxi format 1200x1200x20mm tiles for a beautiful marble pavement installed in bookmatch for a residence.
We are also able to provide the following special works: 45° mitred edge cut, waterjet cut, honeycomb alluminum panel technology, profile polishing.

Ultralight Aluminum Honeycomb panels


Sahara Noir resined slabs

Travertino Romano ocean mockup

Kitchen countertops, bespoke marble walls, stone fireplaces

We are also able to provide bespoke elements of interior design for your projects, houses, residences.


The most elegant application for an ultimate luxury bathroom look: Patagonia quartzite bathroom sink top, with Travertino Classico Romano cladding and flooring.


Beautiful Patagonia quartzite kitchen countertop, kitchen island and backsplash. The same material also used to embellish the living room as a stone fireplace.

We will follow you from the material selection to the production of the your natural stone dream for your interior design or exterior design application. We can supply: marble slabs, marble tiles, marble floors, bathroom marble floors and marble walls, marble stairs, marble tables or marble countertops. Among the most popular stones we can supply, there are: Carrara Marble, Calacatta Marble, Statuario marble, Botticino marble, Nero Marquina marble, although we always strive to promote and upgrade fresh new materials in our portfolio, like green marble Verde Alpi or black marble Sahara Noir.


Granite slabs, granite kitchen countertops, granite stairs, granite floors, as well as quartzite slabs, quartzite countertops are other natural stone products that we can supply. The granites in highest demand which we supply on a regular basis are: Azul Bahia blue granite, Blue Pearl Labrador granite, Baobab granite, Lemurian Blue granite or Absolute Black granite.


We can also supply onyx slabs and onyx tiles for the application of a beautiful backlit onyx wall or onyx bar. Popular choices can be Onyx White, Onyx Ivory, Pink Onyx, yellow Onyx Miele or Green onyx.
Travertine, or as we call it Travertino, is another stone that we offer to our clients on a regular basis. Excellent for the use of a beautiful travertine floor tiles for your house and bathroom or travertine pool tiles. Travertino Classico romano is the most requested, as well as travertino silver, travertino titanium or travertino noce.


Quartzites are the option of the latest trend, very popular among architects and interior designer’s choices for indoor and outdoor applications. We can supply quartzite slabs for your quartzite kitchen countertop and quartzite kitchen island. The exotic colors of quartzite will lift up your interior design plans. We can offer material such as Patagonia quartzite, Azul Macaubas quartzite, Amazonite quartzite, Taj Mahal quartzite, Cristallo quartzite, White Macaubas quartzite or Superwhite quartzite.


Our materials portfolio also includes stones. For their structure stones are idea for both interior and exterior applications. We carry out many projects in stone floor tiles for exterior stone floors, exterior stone claddings or interior stone floors, stone tiles for bathrooms or kitchens. We often work with Pietra Piasentina, Pietra Serena, Pietra del Cardoso, Basaltina, Pietra Grey.